We need a Whale in Cannabis Steemit World!

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Like the title says we need some help here on our cannabis thread. I noticed that the top posts in cannabis are only getting 10% of what some of the top posts are getting on Steemit.
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Its time for an upgrade to our presence here, so I am asking all of you that are part of the cannabis community to come together and upgrade our status on here.

~1~ Invite all of your friends, family and coworkers that are involved in cannabis to come on here and share there content and earn $. Invite people from marijuana forums and anyone you know who works in the industry.

~2~ Upvote each other, lift each other up with comments, upvotes, and resteems. Eventually we can get some bigger fish going amongst our selves, if a few of us become dolphins or whales it will bring the value of the whole community up.

~3~ Share Steemit in general and all social media platforms. Personally I have minimized my time on all other platforms that are centralized and dominated by ads and wack algorithms. Steemit has become my main platform for sharing info.
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I look forward to seeing this village grow! I have been on Cannabis forums for years and the community is vast, I know that if we get all of these folks over here we will grow massive and we will all prosper from sharing quality information on Cannabis!! I personally have made a goal to get to Dolphin status in the next 6 months and believe that we will have no problem!!

Please spread the abundance vibration to others Upvote, Follow, Comment and Resteem!!

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I can't think of a better cause. It is just a challenge with the shorts against the suits battle that is sweeping the country right now. This is the time for the farmers to unite.

Need some whale bait my friend? I may be able to assist.

If we can't catch a whale, then the community of minnows must unite as a guild until we can grow to dolphins and then whales.

The community really values those who put some skin in the game by purchasing Steem Power.


Ahh. I may do this soon waiting for some higher profits to scrap and Ill bring em over. Do you have any specific strategies besides boat up from your own stash. If we could start a group that upvotes each others articles it could work, we need to get enough people to get in or some descent players.


In order to catch a whale, you must track the whales. You can see a list of the highest ranking people on Steem based on different variables on SteemWhales. There are other sites that can show you more specifics on their activity as far as what they normally vote on, all of their comments, etc. Try to identify a whale who seems aligned with the vibration you are going for based on their activity. Then start following them and replying to their content with extremely relevant and quality responses. You want to get their attention without seeming spammy and hope that they click on your username to see your page. Keep in mind whales are master curators and are looking for hidden gems of content that will really add value to the platform. I can tell you details of some of the things that they are looking for as well as things that are an instant turn off to them.

Investing some money into SteemPower is the easiest method to climbing the ranks in my opinion as it allows your comments to get moved to the top easier and get more visibility as well as allows you to compound your earnings. Getting a group together is a great idea, and there are even ways to setup autovoting on your friends content.


Those is some good ideas. I am gonna start doing it now,lol. Definitely gonna invest in the community here!!

big up from a french grower!!

Man Im with you! All other social media platforms are whack! Im so sick of going on my instagram feed and seeing the same old recycled memes. Not to mention all the stupid adds and the people that are on there trying to get publicity for their money making cause, which I totally respect, but the big dawgs in instagram will even barley give the small fish a follow. And most of the feedback you get is just a stupid like on your comment.

Its just a matter of time. The people have spoken & the tax revenue that it brings will cause the feds to back off in time.

i totally agree weed is the future and needs to get legalized

Hell yeah man!!! I’m with you, let’s get us like minded people together. Check out my page if you get a chance, I think you would like some of what I got going on.


Will do brother got you on the feed.