Belated Update from Garden #2: Ripe and Ready... 2 Updates in 1

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This second farm project has been absolutely crazy, but successful so far. Many of my articles that are about to release are backdated a bit, but I should catch up in about a week.

This season did not come without it's issues however, although problems were thankfully minimal. We had two sick plants, one plant that was falling apart but survived, one plant that was so stunted and stressed it had to be removed, and some brown spotting on yellowing leaves. None of these problems set us back in any kind of major way. We still have not had time to look up what the exact issue was with the spotted leaves or two sick plants. Does anyone have any idea what causes this?.. (pictured below):



Here are photos of our two sick plants that made it to harvest:



Best example shot

We also had an issue of birds marking their territory on one specific plant. I call this the bird bombing run site, as it seems the birds only targeted this one plant, and left everything else alone. I have no idea what this plant did to piss off those birds so... it may forever remain a mystery.




The Health of the rest of the garden is next to spectacular (minus the spotting issue), and am happy to achieve the results we did, despite the small stature of the plants.







We actually harvested everything today, and missed a garden #2 update from early September (9-3), as well as the above update from 9-19. Pictured below is a few photos from early September... for your comparison.







I also would like to mention that the Deer on this property did not end up eating any of our buds like I had feared. It is a fortunate grace, which I feel is a direct result of my objection of it being near our grow. I think they watched it more closely after I mentioned something about it. Our babies have most certainly grown up unscathed.


If you have been wondering who that cute dog is running around the garden in the photos, I cannot tell you his name (since I do not know it), but I can tell you that this is the cutest and most fun-loving puppy I have ever met. He lives a happy care-free life roaming the farm, and pretty much does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. This was the only animal out there that we let inside our gates... and how could we not, just look at him!


Below is a short video of me playing with the puppy. I had to record this to show you all just how cute this dog actually is. If you are a dog lover, and you thought the photos were cute, then you definitely need to watch this (click pic below to play):

I will have another update for garden #2 soon, that will complete this part of my grow series this year. There will also be an additional article down the road showing how the plants grew in each stage through present, with animated GIF images for display.

Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies










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Those ladies look great. Hope the weather isn't treating you to bad. The rain is in for it with no end in site down here!!


It was quite favorable this year surprisingly.

If you want to keep deer away in the future, just pee around the grow. The scent of human pee will keep them at bay


jon jon would know that ... baha

holy cow thems some purdy plants and what a gorgeous grow. puppy gettin some medcin too .. woohoo. omgosh love the vid and wish i could just lay in those beauties. thank you for sharing your heart -- thats what i would call this grow. just lovely


Thank you for your continuous wonderful comments... I am still catching up to all my replies.


You are very welcome, yeah i notice you fall behind but you are on the road mostly right? plus we all got forked pretty hard and i took a break for the weekend. not on as much, i needed to step away.


Just a busy time of year for me in general. I usually reply to most of my comments each evening at the latest, but these past two weeks have been crazy.


ahokayyyzz makes sense ... i just want to come roam in your grow and play with your puppy LOL


I only wish that was my puppy, sooooooo adorable. He is just one of those dogs that everyone wants to kidnap but knows they can't.


i can see how much i want it that most everyone would want to nab it LOL awwww

I upvoted your post.

Cheers to you.

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