Grow tent action.

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We will be treating our garden with safer tomorrow. I have been thrown into a very blessed whirlwind of work at CES and have been behind on things. I plan on flipping these this weekend.


Ziet goed uit man

Might be worth tying them down to spread them a little, though it seems pretty tight. Otherwise you will lose a lot of lower flowering as they do not get enough light to develop properly.

We are way behind schedule I have been low stress training them but not for the past couple weeks that it is because ive been at work recent we haven't flipped these lights just cuz I was seeing if the the ladybugs would take care of the white flies but no so tomorrow see if her comes I'll treat and I'll wait 3 days and treat again and then flip the lights. But we also have a net we're going to put down and spread it all out I've been topping these like crazy but yeah you're right I plan on doing that here think Friday I don't go to work until the afternoon

Just keep in mind the spurt. You don't want to overgrow during the grow period as the stretch phase of flowering can overcrowd badly. Don't be afraid to take out a couple of flower branches if it gets too crowded, though careful arrangement can often avoid this.

And yeah, get rid of the flies, take the plant for a shower, and only use garlic based sprays if you need to do anything through flower. You don't want spray on you smokable.

Any hottopic followers grow at home? Veggies or meds?

Looking great bro!!! I’m curios, what’s safer?

Safer is a brand of insecticides and fungicides Organic and OMRI listed :)

Thanks. I use mites and mildew washout, works good and is organic as well. 👍

He is busy working CES, safer is an organic doap you spray on plants to make bugs leave (i like compost tea better but we are very busy)

amigo algun metodo natural y barato para quitar araña roja

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Looks really nice. Keep up the good work. Will upvote and follow

Damn they look beautiful!

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Beautiful grow. Are you running LED lights?

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araña roja ,,,ooooo coño tengo mi cultivo de guerrilla llena de esas pita arañas,sabes algun truco para quitarla,estoy en la 7semana de floracion,,,,y ya l ya regando con agua,,,,,,parece una manta blanca

No habla espanol
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How much did this even sell for?

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