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RE: "Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome" (CHS) is actually Azadirachtin (neem) poisoning!

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Hey thanks for your great comment! H.Pylori is something I've run across a few times in my research. It's something we can quickly have tested at a lab, and it can be treated fairly easily and non-invasively. It has other health effects as well, and should be treated in most patients testing positive.
Following you : )


After 10 years of on-and-off CHS (mostly from "organic" grown cannabis, ironically enough), I experienced massive relief within the first week of being treated for H.Pylori.

I doubt I ever would have attributed all of the things aza does to me, if I hadn't had the H.Pylori infection. Now the effects are so mild, I can see how people believe it does not affect them at all. It does though. Everyone I've seen use it has had mild issues they attribute to other things.

Thanks for pursuing this! :D

That's interesting to hear how you could tell what effects were Aza and what weren't, by comparing your symptoms with and without the Pylori. It's often little individual experiments (anecdotes) like that which point us in the right direction. I appreciate you sharing your experience with this!

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