My BLURT and my cannabis are growing fast!

in #cannabislast month

I just powered up 40k BLURT for a total of 240k, and my outdoor cannabis seedlings are growing quickly too!

There they are yesterday in the sunshine, getting some natural wind action to strengthen their stems.

And that's tonight, inside away from the storm. It's almost freezing at night, in the middle of May! My tomatoes haven't sprouted yet, it's so chilly. At least we're finally getting some rain.

One's a Steem OG, and the other is a Steem OG crossed with MK Ultra. It's a 'fork' of Steem, and I'm posting about it on Blurt.... fitting!

These 2 girls (both are from feminized seeds) will now be topped, to encourage lateral growth. When summer finally hits, they'll go right out in the garden.

Blurt Power growing quickly

Thanks to payouts for my posts and comments, curation rewards for voting on other people's content, and dumping more HIVE to buy BLURT, I've surged to 240k BP!

That puts my upvotes at 20 BLURT (0.5 USD) each! I'm handing out $5 per day, and rising. I'm always looking for good comments to reward, and if you post regular, quality, original content, please let me know so I can follow and upvote you.

So far, I'm very happy with the performance of BLURT during this crypto market collapse! And my stake in the platform is growing like a weed, just like my cannabis.

Grow in peace.

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