I put a cannabis seed in a bucket of wet dirt 2 weeks ago and this happened

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Nothing but dirt, one seed, water, and my gardening skills! Can I make medicine? Watch me and find out!

All that goes in (after the dirt and seed) is water from my tap - I call it the 200% organic method (because it's even more restrictive than regular organic growing). I've grown 200% organic several times, and though I've never grown in a bucket before - or with all these extra self-imposed handicaps - I'm ready to make it happen. If I don't know what I'm doing, that will soon be apparent. No undo feature, no takesie-backsies, no insurance policy, no second chance. The blockchain keeps me honest as you follow my regular updates!

If it dies, you'll know. Hell, if it's male, we'll all have a good laugh! Who knows what's going to happen? But we're going to find out. :)

With a bit of time and patience, pretty much anybody can grow cannabis. Just like almost anyone can light a fire. But can you light a fire with only one match, a limited amount of kindling, a ticking clock, and an audience? It's a bit different!

If you think you can do it, prove it, I dare you. I'll gladly follow and support your progress! I hear @jonyoudyer is thinking of doing a plant this way, and good on him if he does! Anyone else? If you need a seed, I can hook you up.

And you can follow along here, as this sprout transforms (hopefully) into a large healthy mature plant in 100 days. Using only the minimal nutrients in the plain organic soil already in the 4 gallon bucket, I aim to produce beautiful clean high-potency Reclining Buddha flowers as medicine for my wife @MediKatie.

Here it was at the last update:

And 12 days ago:

I have a regular crop of 10 little Reclining Buddhas, each between 2 and 3 weeks old:

I'm working on strengething their stems with my fan, but too much of a good thing can crumple them, so I'm going easy! Seems to be working. In another week or two these should be bushing up and needing a transplant!

Only 7 will go into large pots to be flowered out.

Here's one of the bigger ones:

Ahhhh, cannabis! I love plants, but this plant in particular!

Thanks for checking out my post. Grow in peace.