FREE SEEDS and free shipping! Help me spread Steem OG across Canada!

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I want to give 7 Canadian cannabis growers on Steemit a free shipment of some high-end and high-profile genetics.


I recently showed off my gorgeous harvest of Steem OG seeds, and in this post, I'd like to give them away!

A reminder: These are naturally feminized (all female) seeds! This was done using hermaphroditic Steem OG pollen on a very strong female named S3. She was grown 200% organically from a seed obtained from @Bluntsmasha, who obtained the genetics from @Jonjoudyer. This strain has been grown around here (the Steem chain) for a couple years now. I've personally grown it out twice. The flower shown on every post in my "DRutter 200% Organic" banner is a Steem OG.

The bud fom S3 was potent, despite giving up some nutrients to making all those seeds. Delicious clean flower!

Another look at Steem OG bud nearing maturity:

And a dying nug just starting to cure:

I have 35 high-quality seeds to give, and I'm looking for 7 recipients!

How to get 5 free Steem OG seeds shipped anywhere in Canada:

  1. Comment here with a link to a recent post where you showed off your cannabis garden.
  2. Say you'll grow the seeds into bud, and post updates on Steemit.
  3. Include your email address in your comment. I'll contact you (from my drutter hotmail) to get your Canadian shipping address.

My hope is to continue the spread of this strain, here in Canada, and for it to spread onward from there to more people and places.

If anyone wants to contribute toward costs like postage, STEEM or BTC (1NWGEhWfeg4kscoBUFNqzRT1UN7qjLgnVa) graciously accepted.

The shipments will be first-come-first-served at my discretion. I wish I had enough for everybody, but maybe you can help make that happen! Thank you for spreading the message of cannabis with me.

Grow in peace.

This post is my own original content and is exclusive to the Steem blockchain. Posted through the WeedCash community.

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Man! if I lived in Canada, I would be all over this!

Thanks for your work to spread the wealth. Best wishes from the fascist anti-cannabis shitstain state of Arizona.

All the states (and Canada) are that, though. "Legalization" is a lie and just brings more criminalization, higher prices, and lower quality. What we want is decriminalization, since it's prohibition that causes far more harm then the herb ever could!
All the best from BC.

So cool you are allowed to use your postal service for something like this. Hopefully people take this opportunity to grow there own. :)

Hehe, well generally I find it best not to be publicly specific about using federal systems for "something like this". But yeah, cool that seeds can go in the mail.

Indeed, hopefully people take the opportunity to grow their own. I've been giving out organic heirloom tomato seeds for 10 years on YouTube. I hear all the time from people who are still growing my seeds, year after year. I hear from some who gave them out around their community, and now everybody is growing my seeds! That's fun. Seeds are living plants in a dormant (slowed) state. Sending them to far off lands is fulfilling to a gardener. It's symbolic having your seeds (information, knowledge) reach others, and spread.

I've also been sending free cannabis seeds to people who need them. Well before and after "legalization", which just made everything less legal and more controlled. I do it as discreetly as I can, for safety, but I'm compelled to continue to help people despite the risk. Even going so far as to do something clearly illegal in Canada right here on the permanent blockchain, although there are certain things I avoid saying aloud.

There's great power in a genetic code. A slight difference in the code can mean a totally different plant. No two seeds are identical. And the seed itself represents stored energy. Each seed took the grower time an effort to produce. The plant can only bear so many seeds, and it depends on the nutrients and conditions available. I wouldn't put a dollar price on a seed (although I've gladly paid up to $10 each for good seeds in the past) but as an heirloom gardener who goes seed-to-seed, I know their value and respect them for the power they provide me.

Thanks for your comment and have a great day!

I know I’ve said this before, and will no doubt say it again, my expectations for Steem Og have been surpassed, and I have you to thank for it. For Steem Og is more then just a strain, it is an idea. An idea to bring us together, and unite. Steem og is in each and everyone of us. But only a select few will actually get to smoke it, ;)

MediKatie and I find it to be an enjoyable smoke! Several different strains involved, for sure, a complex mix of cheese and spice and candy :) Nature blows my mind! I feel blessed we get to participate in it : D

That sounds bomb! Also team work makes the dream work. I just let the cannabis tell me what to do, ;)

That IS an understatement, Brother!

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Proud to know the Johnny Pot Seed of CA.

Edit: You should consider posting to Neoxian I am sure there are many Cannathusiasts that would love your content. Neoxian silver buys its weight in gold.

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