Doing my best to grow clean potent cannabis for medicine during lockdown!

in #cannabis2 years ago

Here are some shots of my indoor medicine patch a week after trying a new training technique with twist ties!

I'm impressed with the plants' ability to adapt to such drastic and sudden changes to their stem structure. The plant continues to grow... just not in the way it was before.

Most leaves have turned to face the light, and spread out to absorb as much as possible. But the plants are much smaller overall. I don't blame the technique. I probably didn't do it right. At least I learned quite a bit, and might try again in the future with larger plants and longer twist ties.

Everything else is going well with this crop. We'll flip into flowering phase soon, and see how the flowers develop.

There's a look showing the whole garden! 5 mangled-looking MK Ultra, and 2 simpler Mango Kush. (I think GIFs are useful in this format, even without sound, and limited in length. They can show an overview of the garden in once glance.)

Growing to the best of my abilities under stressful conditions - after almost 80 days in lockdown! All the best to everybody out there, and thanks for reading.



Looks good. You have more tops and that’s the goal. Since the tops get more light.

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