Cannabis - One of the Most Incredible Plants on Earth!

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I love cannabis! And what a pleasure these Reclining Buddha plants have been to grow! I've loved sharing them with you through the power of blockchain technology over the past few months. With a week until harvest, it's time to look over the flowers, check the trichome maturity, and enjoy their beauty!

I like this strain so much, I pollinated some of the flowers, and produced dozens of viable babies! This seed is ready for whatever the world throws at it next - from several years in a bag, to sprouting into a new generation tomorrow.

The seed is nestled in a bract, which is a modified leaf. It too is coated in trichomes, which contain the THC and other cannabinoids. This seed came off one of the plants, which I harvested a few days ago (ahead of the others).

A shot of the pollinated (seeded) plant. The buds are thinner, and covered in foxtails (single-fingered leaves with no stems). This is fine for my needs, but less photogenic.

Trichome Check

A good coating of waxy stalks and cannabinoid heads! As for their maturity, they have progressed from clear to milky, but very few are darkening. With just a week left, my hope is that at least some of them begin to deepen, indicating some THC has been converted to CBD.

Now you're looking at the unpollinated ("virginal") Reclining Buddha female. She's chunkier! (And smellier... but that's a GOOD thing!)

Not massive, but for 200% organic, quite respectable! Perhaps the lighting upgrade mentioned a few days ago, when I posted a video update of the whole garden, has spurred new growth? Or maybe this strain always adds bulk in the final weeks? These plants have never been fertilized or given any nutrients, so whatever's responsible for the added size, it's not that! They've had nothing but the soil they started in, and plain water to keep them hydrated.

What do you think of that new pillar of calyxes and pistils? I don't think I've grown buds quite like that before. It looks tasty, though, so I'm not complaining.

The smell from the garden is constant, and strong, but not offensive. Dank, diesel, glue, and more recently, a sweet scent. I look forward to harvesting these plants in 7 days. The sensimillia will be turned into top shelf bud. The seeds will be grown out and given away. The sugar leaf will become edibles and topicals. None of this pristine medicine will go to waste! What an incredible plant cannabis is.

Stay tuned for the wrapup of this crop - which has been one of my favourite ever - and the grand finale on 4/20, when the first buds will be finished curing and ready to smoke!

Grow in peace.

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