Cannabis Strain Review - Sputnik [ Sativa dominant ]

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Hey guys, Drinkzya here. I have been smoking the marijuana for the majority of my life but I didn't really appreciate it beyond the ritual itself for most of that time. While living in Hillsboro, Oregon, I took for granted all the nice sticky buds I would get on a regular basis from the local candy man. This was mostly due to the fact that I really didn't care what they said it was because I didn't believe them.

Ever since I became a medical cardholder in the state of Arizona and was able to walk into a dispensary and learn everything about a particular strain of flower has it truly fascinated me to learn as much as possible about them. Currently, I use Leafly to get the majority of my information but every now and then I come across a fresh strain I can't anything about on Leafly, so if you guys know any other sources, let me know.

Now I am a regular smoker, so I waited until I got off work and had my first toke of the day to write this review for you all. I am smoking Sputnik today which is a cross between Black Russian (indica) and Apollo 13 (hybrid) so I am not too sure on how Sputnik becomes a Sativa dominant. This sparks my interest for wanting to learn more about actually growing flower.

I take the first hit and try to hold it in so I can get distinct flavors but I pull too much in and cough pretty hard. I can't take phat hits so this is pretty normal for me. After I drink some water and go to take the next hit, I instantly feel a sensation of "head in the clouds". Eureka!

Now Leafly says this has a sweet fruity smell but I would have to disagree, to me it has a faint earthy, piney scent to it, not heavy at all. I also detect traces of the diesel mentioned in their review but definitely no sour smells here.

The taste is also very earthy and doesn't really have the traditional "marijuana" flavor to it. I was expecting more flavor from such a beautiful flower, but it doesn't have a harshness to it at all, it is easy to hold in despite me being a cougher. It should also be noted that it doesn't leave an immense cottonmouth.

Feeling very reflective, can't emphasize my love for the music enough right now, but I hang out a lot in the music section of Steemit so, that probably says a lot. Am easily distracted, find myself constantly doing other things besides focusing on the task at hand but am perfectly okay as I am feeling a desire to immerse myself in a world of curiosity. Steemit is great for this as I learn awesome things every day here from some very talented individuals and sometimes they talk to me :O




Ready to rock!

Breakdown of first hour after consumption:

T+5 Clearly first toke of the day, tripping hard, really excited but overwhelmed on how I will write my review

T+15 Feeling mellow, things are cruising along, wanting to share my feelings with the world.

T+30 Really relaxed, laughing and up voting a lot of articles, losing track of writing this review, browsing steemit to catch up on the latest events

T+45 Getting into the vibe, finally remembered to turn on some jams, picked a random recommended song by one of my favorite artists that I hadn't heard before from one of my favorite artists and am on cloud nine

T+60 Article is coming to a wrap up and jams just seem to be getting better each consecutive track. Peace of mind, some great steem articles, great music, and great friends are what waits ahead tonight

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I have lived in Hillsboro, as well! Nice to see a fellow Oregonian on here. That weed is so high in THC I would have a panic attack, haha. Sounds tasty, though. :)

Those definitely look like some frosty, delicious nugs, thanks for the analysis and sharing the experience. I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for these genetics.

That looks wonderful! Reminds me a of White Widow by the looks of it

jeez you got more votes than even my most upvoted comment. pays to be high!


I spent a lot of time and energy writing this : (


Yeah, and I'm happy for the success you receive, man. Don't get me wrong. Apart from the post you commented on earlier, I've spent more than an hour on average writing every one of my posts. But, all I get is an average of less than 10 votes, no conversation, and, God knows, dismal readership.


Check my post history, I'ts hard out here , I didn't mean anything rude by my comment earlier


Yeah, man. Very hard. I like interacting on posts and I appreciate you replying to this. Since I don't get any reception for my own posts, this is my only outlet.

Pretty expensive! A bit presumptuous, but high.