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When your own cannabis harvest ends, it becomes sad. Sometimes there are situations when there is no money to buy marijuana, or the dealer has no product, or there is no connection with it ... The combination of these factors in our area slang sounds like kikoz

What am I doing in such situations?

I get help devices through which I smoke buds.

This photo shows the upper part of the my smoking bucket .
As you can see, it is abundantly covered with an oily residue, which condenses from the smoke settling on the walls of the vessel.

The taste of such a product does not turn out to be a fountain, but the effect is similar to the combination of the effects of all previous products that have been smoked through this device! In its effects resembles amber

It is much more difficult to do this process with a bong!

The construction of my bong is not collapsible, so it can not be cleaned with a finger with alcohol-soaked tobacco - you have to invent a variety of tricks like this...

I do not claim that this method of solving problems with marijuana is safe, but I have been using it safely for many years.

Thank you for stopping by!

UpSmoke & SmokeOn!


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