Which of this process is faster and Good method of Trimming Cannabis (Hand or Machine)

in cannabis •  15 days ago


From a news I read on Trimming cannabis I just released that there has been an introduction of a Machine which can be used to Trimme cannabis instead of the Hand. But from what I know I will go for the Hand Trimming than the Machine Trimming.Even though the Machine will contain more cannabis than the hand but how effective or how safely will it be since there are more cannabis to be processed.Others will say the Machine Trimming will save Time and cost. Yes it will but have you taught of how quality it will be after using the Machine to Trim. The hands will bring out the quality
out from the cannabis because you know the part which is supposed be trimmed and also with the
Machine is a program thing so how will you know they programmed it to Trimmed those part that is
supposed to be trimmed. To end The hand Trimming will also provide more jobs to others because
you will have to hire others to Trim it but with the Machine it will result in a high rate of unemployment in the country. Thanks for your time and you can also share your views on this whether we should go for the hand Trimming or the Machine Trimming.

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