Discrimination and Abuse of Power - Lest We Forget the Victims of Cancer

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This is what discrimination and abuse of power look like, lest we forget. Certainly we must not condone, be complicit nor participate. For cancer victims and survivors, everyday is remembrance day. While those who work for the legal and medical establishments continue to discriminate and profit upholding FDA (Food and Drug Administration) substance regulation. Twenty years without safer cancer treatment while scientific confirmations are turned away by North American professionals. The maintained ignorance and profiting is not over. The victim count continues to grow.

Since I began informing citizens and professionals 310,000 Canadians have died, in the U.S. 2,400,000. Yet medical and legal establishment professionals continue to neglect and turn away documents. Scientific confirmations that phyto, synthetic and endogenous cannabinoids cause apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells.

The following are what medical and legal professionals have profited from, by neglecting these scientific confirmations while we die of cancer for nothing in many cases.



Commentary : Dirt and dark humor, the author's "other" side...

Can't have a family because we can't have preventative treatment, only late diagnosis, radio and chemotherapy then opiate overdope execution.

Nevermind investigating the victims, investigate yourselves ..you missed the scientific confirmations available at the LARGEST medical science repository in the world (The United States National Library of Medicine). Can you use a smartphone? ..any kid could have searched "cannabinoid apoptosis" and saved millions of lives. People with the big SALARIES ..nada.

Look at the cancer patients, the same as concentration camp victims waiting to be incinerated while you get away with murder, discriminating Nazi garbage.

On behalf of all skinny and dying cancer patients ..rot in hell you fat bastards.

You can all afford to lose a few pounds as the fat between the ears is preventing you from catching your own fat ass with the hand in the cookie jar again. Leave some for the others.

Next time you want some cookies, take some but share with others. No need to pretend you are better to justify abusing them and stealing their belongings.


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