Jack Herer - One of my all time FAVORITE strains!

in cannabis •  last year

I've really gotta stop being lazy and bust out the good camera, but, here are a few shots of some Jack Herer I just picked up. I haven't had a chance to give it a taste yet, but DAMN does it smell gooooood!

I haven't been able to find any of the XJ lately, but Jack is always a reliable backup and produces a very similar high to the XJ in my opinion. I hope you enjoy, I know I will!




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Those are some nice danknugs!! upvoted and followed

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That's a classic

Jack is the real deal weed. Best laughs with jack. Smoke weed everyday 420😎😎😎😉

Same man! Nothin like a nice bag of Herer the smell is so unique. Check out some of my cherry kush!

Yes please, bring out the high quality pics. Cannabis is an amazing plant and people need to see all it's beauty. Nice post.

Nice 🤙🏼

Nice, I haven't tried this one yet, but so far my favorite is Bruce Banner... nice clean high that keeps me engaged when I'm designing.

waw ...looks amassing
I wish i could try ..but here in Singapore it is very illegal :(
people that got caught with a joint (one) got few years in prison ...crazy

nice....your post deserve upvote and resteem....

aahaha so funny, I rarely consider strains my favorite, EXPECT FOR JACK.

I'm glad it's as famous as I like to think it is, steem onnn with your bad self!

looks nice! wish I could get em here in the uk tho


Sounds like it's time to start growing, eh?


LOL, might think about it :D, probably get found out or snitched on in the first week.


you tell one they will tell three.. the rule of the snitch

wow, amazed by the comments.. looking forward to plant few of these next time!

One of my best ever all time highs was from this strain. Cheers !


Nice! It really is a great high!


The first time i tried this strain was in Amsterdam, specifically was the first joint in Abraxas coffe shop jaja

The biggest most vibrant buds I have ever seen came from a Jack Herer.......Huge, Gorgeous plant!!

I absolutely love this strain! Happy smoking!

nice pics @danknugs, i agree jack herer is the best strain i've have ever tried :)

Cool :))

trade u seeds for steem bro


I'll take that trade.....I got seeds......


i'm in the uk are you where would you get the seeds

Nice, great strain!

This is the first time, i am seeing jack herer. Thank you for showing it to me ;)

Beautiful strain! I am more of an indica fan but Jack is one of the few sativas that hits me just right.

Nice!! XJ is definitely a hitter, but you can't go wrong hanging with Jack!

Neat stuff, Amazin' blog post. Upvoted & Followed! :)

I tried that once, that was unforgettable experience :) Thanks for sharing!

Looks very good, you are the best!!!

It's my First time to see like this...
look like a ginger...

@danknugs looks verrrrrrry nice id love some of them fat nugs

Following you!!! Interesting post!

Definitely a good one! Mmm..

i can smell it over here
that's not fair :-)
gonna follow you 4 sure...
sent by chainBB

That's is a real good plate,

Please send one to me i can give it to my dogs also.


Best regards

I upvote please follow me at @mrstaf

Also check this guy out https://www.facebook.com/thesmokingdogseed

Im here on steemit since 3 weeks, and i did not found you, yet. Now i did. Im glad man, this is the real beauty of nature, you know what i like!

Never tried one because it's illegal here in Asia, but I read that it's good in the body...upvoted and followed

love me some jack herrer nuggets, usually very dense