Cadillac Purple - Indica

in cannabis •  3 years ago

This is some beautiful Cadillac Purple I picked up recently, inside a nice glass piece that was hand blown ~1998 or so.

Cadillac Purple

According to leafly, Cadillac Purple is a heavy indica strain that is popular among users seeking true body relaxation and pain relief without the spacey cerebral effects common to more sativa-heavy hybrids. Depending on tolerance, this strain can be a bit of a “creeper,” but when its effects do hit, they tend to be calming, body-soothing, and may lead to some restful sleep. Buds are deep greens with plenty of purple, making for some very pretty flowers. The aroma, too, is pleasant – mild and like a sweet perfume.

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I love indicas. I always wanted to try some purple stuff. Sadly in my country there isn't much to choose from. 🙁

Nice, i use medical marihuana from Netherlands, Jack herrer.
A company called Bedrocan.
This strain i would gladly truy my self.
Hope to get over it one day :)
Keep up the good work