Grow Log [Part 1][starting over]

in #cannabislast year

Been a while steemians, Have been fairly busy and haven't had time to drop by these parts. Figured id drop by and share a picture of my latest crop :) See who is still around :)




esp compared to last run, where pm / spider mites grabbed hold. haha took a while to start growin again after that last one haha.

Seems like you uped your grow game since you been gone! Looking killer

about to tripple down wattage wise ;)

OH shit! I just got a quantum board. Not to bad for how cheap it was

unsure what that is. I forget, but I feel like you used to run led's. Been thinking about making the switch.

OH shit! I just got
A quantum board. Not to bad
For how cheap it was

                 - canna-curate

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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