Garden Update 19

in #cannabis3 years ago

Harvested some plants slightly early due to fear of powder mildew(had not sprayed these plants with preventative measures)

Noticed I had some powder mildew going on again this morning. Seems to be isolated to the 2 plants i hadent sprayed with baking soda and olive oil prior to adding them to the flower tent(this is what lazyness gets me I guess hehe)

Took a paper towel and soaked it in water / olive oil / hemp soap and baking soda mixture and whipe off all the aftected area being careful not to contaminate the nuggest with this concoction haha.


Time will tell, powder mildew is often hard to tell its gone until some time has passed. Gonna be doing a deeper cleaning to help prevent the reoccuring problem here.

Try spraying them with azamax a few days before you start them in flower. It'll protect them from that and a host of other issues.. 😉👍

I have used azamax in the past, but for spider mites. Might have to buy a bottle, god knows azamax works so much better then straight neem oils mess.

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