Compost pile hitting 140F :P

in #cannabis3 years ago

Been getting deeper and deeper into the whole organic "living soil" thing. Ive been composting for years but finally taking it more seriously. Cant wait to feed it to the worms :)

Been feeding the compost mainly cannabis leafs and roots, coffee grounds from starbucks(there aweful receptive to collecting the grounds for you @steemleaves discovered), Peat moss and then random food scraps.


You forgot the weedcash tag bro!

been laggin haha ;P I need to start weedcashin, im barely getting back to posting on steemit haha, been busy lately.

Well my weedcash upvote is not to shabby, also canna curate has a little staked. Your content will get you to the top fast

I knew it! Are you the same person? I actually did not think that due to a couple tales. But the bondage air pots is what gave it away.

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