Advanced Cannabis Oil purification techniques.

in cannabis •  6 months ago

One of my other obsessions outside of crypto is cannabis, and a little chemistry. Recently I have researching making really pure cannabis oil.

This is all purely educational, DO NOT try this at home.....


This process is a bit intense and possibly extremely dangerous.. But it produces some amazing results..
Dewaxed hash oil is disolved in isobutane / propane mixture and placed in a dry ice bath to slow the evaporation of the solvents(in hopes of growing larger crystals / yields). Definately dont try this at home....


Fractional Distilation
This process involves heating the material to a precise temprature under vaccum, and pulling it threw a condenser to seperate chemicals by boiling point. THCa will be decarboxolated into THC so a "shatter, or crystal" product is impossible. It does however produce a beautiful sappy see threw product that is very smooth and clean(marketed often as "Clear" or "The Clear")

Column Chromotography:

This involves filling a colum with materials that will slow the flow of certain chemicals threw the column based on the solvent / size of filter material and many other factors. This can produce the most pure products possible(maybe outside crystalization).

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looks delicious would love to try it

Looks delicious man that’s unreal! Lol 😂👍👍

I believe when they make the crystals they use fresh flower that they deep freeze right after they harvest it, instead of drying and curing it like they normally do. And they have a chiller that goes on the closed loop to keeps the whole process cold. This way none of the oils and terps dry up, and you’re able to extract them. That’s why it’s the best if the best :) then they do the ice bath if course It’s called live resin a lot. It’s “live” because it’s still fresh and the oils haven’t dried up.

I may be wrong though. Live resin and crystals might have different processes, but I’ve seen live resin come out with some big crystals before.


Live resin may produce crystals, but its unlikely unless it was defated / dewaxed in line, and left to depresurize over a lonng period of time. These crystals formed by "recrystalization" are almost 99% THCa, nearly 0% THC~ which is similar to live resin(since its fresh processed a majority is THCa since it hasnt had a chance to decarboxylate.


Yeah it’s live resin they winterize right? Or do they just use regular bho?

Wow! Killer information! Keep making extracts!


Seriously, So much to think about!

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Dry ice, thats some mad scientist shit!


ahahah I like how the dry ice part makes it science :P

I’m glad there are quite a few folks out there who are smarter than me to figure this out. I’m just glad I get to reap the benifits! Great post, man, what a skill! @cryptohustlin


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