Snip That Bud

in #cannabis3 years ago

Hey everyone, well this gorgeous lady got snipped. These are plants that have been growing at my mates house over summer, as the days get colder the time to harvest is now, before they get frost bitten and wither away.


Just have a look at those glorious trichomes.


Last time I personally grew some of this fine herb was a year ago. What however did happen was some self planted at the bottom of the plot and is looking rather good at the moment, it's almost time to harvest them too?




In South Africa where I reside we have a plethora of Afrikanns names we give our weed. This one with the red tinge I would assume "rooibaard" redbeard?


I'm not 100% sure why my mate cut off all the buds and left 2, possibly for experimental purposes I guess, this was a nice looking plant and a great harvest never the less.


Free the weed.
Nature the incredible.
Love, light and blessings.

Have a magic Sunday.

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