Cannabis Heart Bonsai!

in #cannabis2 months ago

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? So I have been doing this epic bonsai grow of late, I am pretty much planting all sorts of bonsai trees..


All from seed and many different species, I plan just to do atleast another 2 trees every month. I have Cannabis, Black Cherry, Baobab Trees, Paper Bark, White Stink wood and a few more!


Cannabis has always been synonymous with everything positive and good in my mind, so what better plan than to shape my bonsai cannabis plants in the shape of a heart?


A quick google search reveals incredible creative ideas for one to do with these plants check more of that here:


Above and below we have an amazing black cherry tree bonsai. These I planted from seed in winter and they have all started germinating and growing really nicely.


White stinkwood, looking a little thin and spindly but will sort that out with ease with lots more sun and bonsai food.


Acacia, Paper bark tree, these are incredibly pretty as large full size trees as well as bonsai I am rather excited about these.


Here a general overview of a few of my trees, small but young and growing nicely.


Using wire I am shaping these plants like a heart and cutting the leaves on the outside appropriately, can see it shaping slighty at this point, but work in progress!


Nature the incredible!

I trust you have an amazing weekend!

Love and light, be blessed.