Week 7

in #cannabis4 years ago

Platinum week 7. I’m looking forward to cutting this down and getting it into the drying stage. I prefer 65% humidity and 65-70 degree temperature, when drying. Then right into jars for curing. I haven’t been posting because my posts haven’t been seen by actual real people. Harvest is coming in a week (this picture is like a week old). I’m trying to build up a growing profile and get knowledge out there to the people. I’m hoping to jump start interest here on Steem for stuff related to growing. Hello everyone! Happy growing to all. Anything related to the plant is my passion. Have a great day.

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Figured I’d try again

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Right on! One thing about steem, it’s a bitch. But if you stay consistent, good things come

Wait till you see it in a week

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I've smoked this. And nice to see it made the cut. Beautiful flower for sure.

And nice last post... Better than the waterfall one.

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Doubtful on the waterfall, that was a picture I took live on private property. A lucky few get to view that.

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Yeah still think the flower is better...

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Looking ripe !! Following 💯👍 awesome job.

Savage can't tell what strain I'm smoking now... Or if it was last night...

But straight fire if you are lucky enough to get to try....

And amazing cure....

Beautiful shot, and gorgeous bud! Well done

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That's a really pretty bud! A real beauty. Nice one ✌

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