Perpetual Indoor/Outdoor Grow Journal #42: My Gorilla Gal

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I visited my Gorilla Bomb today, and she looks like she's ready to be chopped in a couple of days

She's wimpy af, and I'll probably get 5 g in total from her, but she was planted late, and she didn't get much sun, so it is what it is! But on a happier note she has really nice fruity/bubblegum smell with a touch of pine, and she's fairly frosty, so I'm looking forward to testing this bud.

However, if I was to run her again, I'd do it indoor... but I doubt I'm gonna ever do it again.


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Mine turned out well outdoors

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That wasn't the best spot, but I had to be careful :)

Gorilla growing is tuff. Spot to spot. acidic/alkaline etc. will need different ammendments. It looks like your soil has alot of clay, dry doesnt hold moisture well and packs. Roots are suffering.. I would start to amend the soil with peatmoss, compost/manure and some rich earth and slow release. . Bowl the hole with removed soil, "holds water longer". Also IF you can. open up the area, break or strip tree branches, bend trees shrubs to the ground, pull weeds in direct area . Ya need as much sun as possible. Plant 2 together.
With whats left As long as the plant tolerates the weather. Looks like It could go another week 10 days.
Keep Steemin.

The thing is that I'm not supposed to grow gorilla style anymore. I had too much heat last year and I promised my wife I'd drop it... but old habits die hard, so I stuck this little plant where nobody could find her. Not the best spot I agree, but this was just "let's see what happens" kind of grow.

I hear ya... That's along the line I was thinking happened. But I figured I would leave you with a decent comment. :)
The thing is... If you grow it yourself and enjoy what you do. it will always be good!.

5g is better than gs! & it was mostly free = success 😆