Perpetual Indoor/Outdoor Grow Journal #34: New Babies For The Indoor Run

in cannabis •  2 months ago

So after a few round of germinating my seeds I was left with three seedlings on my hands

These are: Pink Panties, Red Diesel and Honeysuckle. And they all should be females as the seeds were feminised. I've just switched from 24/0 - which I've kept them on for a week to speed up things a little bit - to 18/6.


They're under support LEDs, and under the sun atm. No issues so far.


💨 💨 💨

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nice, do you find they grow any better 18 vs 24 for full veg cycle?
i have had mine on 24 till i just flipped them and they are seem to be great


They'll be faster at 24/0. That's about it. I just don't want to strain my lights too much.