Haircut for Red Diesel

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Red Diesel is by far the most vigorous plant in my tent. She also has a great structure with multiple branches, that are strong, and easy to LST

Two days ago I decided it was time to open her up a bit, so I took her out for LST, and pruned her in the middle to stimulate the growth of secondary bud sites. It worked quite well, and she's already growing new tops, that'll give me more yield in the end.





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I just imagine to have a cannabis plant here on my balcony in Austria... 😎

You can always grow indoor and you can easily get some good clones in Austria, which makes it much easier :)

I guess you're right - and my children (16 years old twins) would applaud :)))


Healthy little ladys!!!
I been having a gnat problem 🤔stupid flies are driving me crazy 😂

You might have to do a dunk.

What is that?

Thanks I wil have a look!!

Otherwise I can advise you to run dry-wet cycles. I never had gnats, but they love waterlogged and wet soil!

I Always do, let them dry out for at least 3/4 days. And almost never give to much, dont know how the basterds got here😂but they almost gone now.
The war on gnats is paying off haha

They're not the most destructive pests fortunately.