Best Video Games to Play Stoned

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


If you own a Switch + a bong and have not yet experienced Mario's latest escapades on the carriageway, I think you should hurry up quickly to the store. The timing of playing Mario Kart 8 has never been better than just after smoking a fat bowl. As you may already have understood, this is Nintendo's most complete racing game ever - as it is the newest. With easy gameplay, 48 fun tracks, with 42 charming characters, and dozens of weapons, this game leads to an endless number of hours of true stoner entertainment (and its great to play with your stoner buddies).

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition


If you are a PC player, spoiled with short charging times, silky screen update and thousands of modifications since 2011, perhaps it's hard to justify a full price purchase again. But if you've never explored Skyrims snowy fjords, and if you've never hunted the mammoths or fought the dragons with some haze flowing in your brain, now is the perfect time to change that. It's very rare for gaming worlds as ambitious as this to be made available to us, and the ability to customize the game experience on the console for the first time with a growing array of modes means that many of those visiting this amazing fantasy world while ripping some doobies should not have any problems with staying there for another five years until the next update.

Ori and the Blind Forest


Since it is, after all, the feeling of getting things done without help that is absolutely wonderful. I feel good when I help Ori in his fairytale world. I get stuck, have to use my brain and I get to think in the most amazing way, which is why i love to play this stoned (plus the visuals and story). I see secrets I can not yet reach, I stumble across surprises by mistake and occasionally i get stuck. Everything happens with such a quality that it adds something to my experience every time - and it never feels unfair but at the same time extremely satisfying to find the solution to any of the in-game puzzles. I would recommend a nice sativa while enjoying the tale of Ori and his blind forest, preferably some haze variation.

Grand Theft Auto V


Running around as Trevor punching random people in the face is perfect for me when i hit the bong a bit to much and need some brain-dead chore. The same goes for stealing cars or just shooting up cities to hear the scream of my fellow citizens. When I don't smoke myself to a brain-dead pulp I have a different guilty pleasure in GTA V, namely the "Directors Mode". This tool let's you choose from a bunch of different characters, from neat models to heavy junkies, and then take them out into the world on your terms. Perhaps take a stroll along the beach in an extreme snow storm or out on the streets with the highest wanted-level and explosive ammo in your trunk. Except for choosing your wanted level and adding explosiveness to the game, you can also change the natural laws of Los Santos. Gravitation, weather, time, amount of people and vehicles are all objects for me to play God with. This tool also gives you the ability to create awesome unique videos, all you need now is a bunch of creativity and imagination (which the weed should supply for you)!

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild


Who doesnt want to explore when smoking a fat doobie? And who doesn't want to do it in one of the magical worlds of Nintendo?Well, this is the biggest and most ambitious game Nintendo ever released. And the best part is that it is not just about a larger production with more of everything, but instead they have taken upon themselves the quest to truly unleash all the talent to create a unique and entertaining adventure (with success). Breath of the Wild changes the expectations of the Zelda series forever and makes the competition look weak in comparison. Ripping up a fat bowl to then go exploring in Hyrule is more or less destined to offer one magical adventure.

Destroy All Humans! - Path of the Furon


If you want to take your open world chaos experience from GTA to something more satirical, Destroy All Humans is the game for you. Anal probing, reading peoples minds, manipulating time itself, disintegrating enemies and drawing smiley faces on buildings with your Death Ray on skyscrapers are just some of the things that our protagonist Crypto will offer. Except for the awesome gameplay of this game the real strength lies in it's humor and i recommend to play the story after smoking some weed to get to hear those super funny dialogues. Crypto is sarcastic, sadistic, horny and prone to addiction for almost anything - the perfect companion on a weed night with other words.

Mark McMorris - Infinite Air


While snowboarding games like Steep focuses more on offering an realistic simulation-like gaming experience, Infinite Air fills the shoes of the crazy snowboarding title. You can flip around doing a crazy amount of flips in the air and the mechanics for pipe sliding is some of the more advanced I've seen in a game. Snowboarding and weed goes as well together as... Christmas and... weed? Ah anyway, flipping trough the air in snowy alpine like mountain setting that's open world (you can move around larger distances with a helicopter) feels just great when you got the mojo going in your brain. For those that can't go out and hit the slopes themselves, this offers a perfect experience, just don't forget to smoke weed.

Super Smash Bros


The concept is as simple as brilliant and thanks to the fact that you do not only play one against one and in addition, several random factors have to be taken into account, it is even possible to win matches for the happy Smash Bro- amateur. It makes the Super Smash Bros for Wii U fun for everyone, without clashing with conflicts of needing depth or anything else, and its getting funnier and funnier the more you play. Even though its simple you still have to train and adapt to get better at timing and learn exactly how to respond to your foes and maps unreliable patterns. Nintendo is the king of creating stoner games to play with friends, just like Mario Kart is. Basically you just choose if you want to race your friends, or bash them up with full cartoonish humor!

No Man's Sky


Just like in Minecraft, No Man's Sky is a game that requires the player to find your own motivations and do not necessarily give a lot of guidance to help the player staying engaged. Despite the science fiction theme, this is no Mass Effect game. You will not meet interesting personalities and tie friendships, you will not be a diplomatic problem solver for a crew, you will not be touched by a well-written story and you will not see any well-designed aliens that fires up the thrill. In No Man's Sky it's only you, your ship and an overwhelming amount of unexplored worlds offered. And again, just like in Minecraft, it requires a certain type of player to get as much as possible out of No Man's Sky, with weed helping in that aspect.



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Mario cart n64 ! super smash bro n64 ..007 n64, halo 3

I forgot to mention that even though i mentioned the newest titles in Mario Kart and Super Smash Bro's, any of the titles in the series is super awesome. Have to agree that playing n64 while smoking is super chill, i just always get to high so i don't have the energy to find my old N64 and boot it up, haha!

007 N64 = epic, agree on that one!

Good article again, love the new mario kart, havnt done too much online. If youd ever be game let me know your nintendo tag and we could rip a few tracks in more than one way ;)

also i'm starting a cooking show where im hosting baked in the future, starting the info gathering process if you wanted to check my page.


Haha yea sure dude, I don't really like giving out my gaming tag in a comment field (been spammed once before), is there any way to send private messages on Steemit that you know of? :)

Yea dude, I'm following you, your cooking show is sounding awesome gonna keep my eyes open!

Oof! you have a point, I mean i'm not too bashful about putting mine up in a post on my wall. so i'll maybe do that later this evening.

But definitely keep an eye out! probably start with some recipies on my wall, and what kinda dabs to pair them with perhaps haha.

resteeming your article too :)

First of all thats a sick pic at the end, and second of all I anything that requires me to solve puzzles like zelda is out the window when I'm high haha. I really have to check out no man's sky though, it looks sick!

Haha pro photoshop skills! Lol yea, my favorites often are the brain-dead titles like GTA or something where you can just run around and do something without thinking. I just love the cozy feeling i get of exploring in Hyrule after smoking a joint, but i get your point! And yeah, No Mans Sky is cool, very unique in it's concept, perfect for weed-gaming IMO!

Great games, good post @conexus

Thanks for reading my fellow Steemit bro!

don't know about Ori though cuz i play that game a lot of time...but hey!!! its always fun when u play stonned
But that Ori just has too much innosence abd action in it..U seen the preview of the second part

Naw man, a second part is coming? That's awesome!!

And yeah, it's always fun to play stoned! :D

resteeeeemed love love

Thanks mate, Love!! ;D

I love me some ROCKET LEAGUE!!!

Always gets me going after a bowl...Gotta go play