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What's in your weed?

Lab testing is an integral part of the legal landscape surrounding cannabis. Today, any cannabis product that you purchase from a licensed facility is required to undergo a series of tests by a state-accredited lab. These tests help ensure that products are safe to consume and easy to dose.

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It's easy for people who live in the increasing number of locations that now allow some adults to consume and smoke some amounts of cannabis to forget that a lot of people in the US and the world still have to buy cannabis on the black market and have no idea what's in it, if it's moldy, or if it's even good quality.

Personally, I can tell just from looking at what other people post that they're able to get products which are of significantly higher quality that I see in real life.

The cannabis and products that are for sale in dispensaries are tested for all sorts of things, though. One of the most useful is probably the screening for potency when it comes to THC and CBD levels. You have to kind of guess without proper testing. Less fun but arguably more important is that the tests also screen for contaminants and things like mold and mildew. As one can imagine, inhaling burned mildew and mold is actually pretty gosh darn awful for the lungs.

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