Cannajess Content is Back!!

in #cannabis3 years ago (edited)

I apologize for the longass wait you guys! Shit just happens sometimes but here I am, still getting stoney and hope you are too!
Grab your smoking devices and take a toke with me! :)

▶️ DTube

Welcome back!

Yes! @cannajess good to see you back! let me know if you want to try ganjagirls on

will do thanks :)

use the tag #dtubesnap for a video under 1 min, for one over 1 min use #dtubesnap+, and welcome to the team. One mission of ours is to encourge new users with upvotes and interaction. If you want to network and promote yourself, or just talk come hang out in our discord.


Will do! thank you so much,
I will keep in touch:)

I’m going to sign you on as a @Canna-Curate member!!

Taking that dab like a champ, got to swoop in before someone else does😉 hopefully you can be encouraged to dtube and steem more.

i definitely am now :)

on it wooo!!!!!!

Took those hits like a champ :)

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