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Wassup Steemit Fam!

I’ve been gone for so long. I wanted to check back in and let you guys know you haven’t been forgotten! 😉

I need to do some technical work on my laptop which allows me to edit videos and post them, so there’s that.
Work schedule gets crazy sometimes and at times I’d rather just rest. Responsibilities man!
If I could go back in time, I’d tell little me to enjoy to the fullest being... little haha

Anyways, there’s so much good happening though. I got some stuff in the works 😊
I will be doing my first giveaway on my Instagram really soon. I will be featuring not one but two new products in my videos starting June! And brainstorming on some great ideas for future videos, bring my love for roller skating, cannabis and filming all together 💕⛸

My work is paying off 🙂 343D6E9B-0E59-4BD8-ABFF-4F1906B7A3F6.jpeg


Welcome back 🙂

Thank you :)

We hope to get everything rollin again soon!

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