Rolling Out The Canna VIP Service

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The Higher Level just got VIP service

Hello Steem. It is no secret, that here at Canna, we love Steem, and without the community's support, we would not be where we are today. Which is why I could not be any happier to announce to the Canna-Curate family, there is a new account with 36,500SP for the sole purpose of showing love to all of our Canna supporters. Yes you read that right, 36.5k my people! @vipservice is the new addition under the Canna umbrella of projects.


100% up votes from VIPservice to:

We love you all!

@vipservice is also following the Canna-Curate trail at a small fixed %. So that means all of our delegators, trail makers, and manual curated posts will automatically get an up vote as well from @vipservice. If you are named above, you are added to the VIP fan base, and will get your 100% up vote before the trail votes.

Help our manual curation efforts, while at the same time helping your self

DelegationUp vote WeightFrequency (Per Day)
5 - 24 SP (Shake Level)5%Once
25 - 50 SP (Bowl Level)10 - 15%Once
51 - 150 SP (Bong Level)20 - 25%Once
151 - 350 SP (Joint Level)30 - 35%Once
351- 550 SP (Blunt Level)40 - 45%Once
551 - 1200 SP (Eighth Level)50 - 55%Once - Twice
1201 - 6000 SP (Ounce Level)60 - 70 %Twice
6001 - 10000 SP (Pound Level)70 - 80%Twice

Also our new layers of services from our sister account @canna-collective

Canna-Collective is our sister account that manages our new Steem-Engine Token. Each token sale is 1 Steem, and your 1 Steem gets powered up into the Canna-Collective account. Holding the token entitles you to an up vote once per day. The % is determined on how many tokens you hold. Please check out this post here.

Don't post, but still want to support our community and earn Steem?

Delegate to @canna-collective, and instead of getting an up vote, your delegation to our sister account earns you liquid Steem. Payout is once a week, and the bigger your delegation, the bigger the payout. You are also helping Canna-Curate's manual curation efforts, since our sister account is following the Canna-Curate Steem Auto trail at a fixed %.

The moon is our next stop

Over one year and we are still rocking. We have had our share of drama, but we still keep it going. We are carving our own path of success on the block chain. I was not even a minnow when I first envision how a group like @tribesteemup was needed for the cannabis community. Ever since then, nothing but growth is all we know. Just think, we are just getting started.

You are looking at the F3 of Steem Og. Yes Steem has it's very own cannabis strain. I made it last year, before I made Canna-Curate. Steem Og represents what Steem is all about. Community. We are more then just up votes. We are an idea, a beginning, we are family. We will push and push, until we are the center of the social media block chain universe. So what are you waiting for? Come join us, on the Space Ship Canna-Steem;)


Delegators: @alchemage, @abrockman, @amberyooper, @amymya, @anarchy999, @antionomontana, @ArtisticScreech, @batman0916, @bethvalverde, @billmega, @Bluntsmasha, @canna-amber, @chey, @choosefreedom, @cindyhartz, @cyemela , @darkprince66, @dashroom, @davedickeyyall, @deanpiecka, @derekrichardson, @dylanhobalart, @dynamicgreentk, @d-vine, @ELAmental, @ericwilson, @fatkat, @feri1 @foodforestbot, @futuremind, @greencross, @goldendawne, @hotsauceislethal, @jgvinstl, @jonyoudyer, @kid4life, @kimmysomelove42, @k0wsk1, @krazypoet, @luegenbaron, @madbiker, @mandyfroelich, @marksheppard, @mayb, @movingman, @olafurthor, @pataty69, @pharesim, @paradigmprospect, @phusionphil, @prettynicevideo, @rakkasan84, @rawpride, @runridefly, @senattor, @soluce07, @steemleaves, @talhatariq, @tauras, @thelogicaldude, @tarazkp, @underGRound, @yogajill, @yuriks2000, @vibesforlife, @weedcash.rewards, @wxzurd

Trail Makers:@jonyoudyer, @Bluntsmasha, @conradino23, @ELAmental, @netgodbeerus, @cannabiscurator, @realkiki85, @doctorspence, @darkprince66, @cannaqueen, @hiatus, @tilestar, @naturalfox, @canna-collective, @deary, @foodforestbot, @nikema, @Tafgongthe1st, @loryluvszombies, @spicedlife, @gjones15, @mrunderstood, @benzeta, @stoned2thebone, @cannafarms, @thegreenhouse, @cultivar, @brockmorris, @ganjagirl, @MadPotters, @chey, @growingassets, @the-haze, @skylinebuds, @gingy710, @growroom, @kootsmedtree, @cowboyblazerfan, @suheri, @imammudarifqi, @grow-pro, @winnerchris, @twirlspin, @pdxlove, @cannabis-news, @cannuration, @steem420, @socialmisfit, @ambiguity, @phoenixwren, @batman0916, @greenfooteCO, @ceattlestretch, @njweedman, @superwoman916, @movement19, @bengiles, @growroom, @elderson, @hemp-lord, @deadisdead, @coffeebuds, @gregorypatrick, @asonintrigue, @freedomtribe, @bembelmaniac, @mango-juice, @oh-high-mark, @stonerfeed, @kaz2305, @veteranforcrypto, @rebeccaryan, @bigriffsbongrips, @spicedlife,, @dilwhosaskin, @argenisapaz, @sapphic, @paradigmprospect, @vegangod, @qwoyn, @borofreak, @sunnydays-r-over, @kawa23, @caperf35, @yogajill, @dynamicsteemians, @khackett, @zuculuz, @cannajess, @theywenttojareds, @moniroy, @offgridlife, @mjgeeks, @cannabisrawuncut, @cannacannacanna, @koh, @ghro, @kennyboobs, @forstellaford, @eatmeat, @ssdgm, @too-short, @turd-ferguson, @npcvegantifa, @sharkmonsters, @uptoker, @theduskinus, @highdoulikememes, @buysmoke, @em3di, @vaporrhino, @prettynicevideo, @props4crops, @mary-jane, @badasshomelife, @highroadseeds, @cody758, @fixedbydoc, @pennsif, @samuelbooth86, @twistedcheshire, @hashkings, @tyler-ai, @annitakoxx, @midgeteg, @moneymind420, @appalachain, @stickyfingerz, @guysofcannabis, @cheaphomegrow, @thehempinghand, @heatherhemp, @chey, @seeker214, @goodcontentbot2, @justinashby, @holysmoke777, @hippyman, @ogmike, @tribe-alive, @peace-love-happy, @GanjaGrrl420, @bjseedcompany, @smoke-grow-cup, @thehempcoin, @steinz, @dejan.vucovic, @trevado, @melanson, @anarchy999, @cryptohustlin, @steemvpn, @natha93, @mondoshawan, @artaxx, @exterminio08, @ghosthunter1, @qwoyn-fund, @tribevibes, @dracusone, @greencross, @jeffjagoe, @deardabby420, @weedcleaner, @stever82, @weedcash, @cindyhartz, @robinsonr810, @drazeus, @meanbees, @relaylogix, @fknmayhem, @greencross, @pibyk, @greenhouseradio, @bluemaskman, @gamemods, @freedomring, @onelovesteem, @evernoticethat, @d00k13, @dr-autoflower, @mattsanthonyit, @vipservice, @x782


Hit that banner, to come network, and chill with like minded people.

12.5SP - 25SP - 50SP - 100SP - 250SP - 500SP - 1000SP


I like that top picture. Super cool. Thanks for the mention. Anyone in Canada can get Steem OG F3's from yours truely, just message me to exchange some details.

delegators 360SP @canna-curate.

STEEM OG aye! I needs a taste of that when its ready lol

Awesome! Love it! Keep Steemin’! Wow - Steem OG! Perfect!

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Yeah so far there has been 5 Steemians to finish the Steem. # 6 will be done in a few weeks. There are some seeds being grown in Jamaica as well, but have not heard anything on that grow yet.

This is great @canna-curate!

Beautiful job laying out the plans and "tier" levels. Very nice transparency! 👌

Bought some Canna tokens last week as well as delegated and looking to pick up a few more tokens soon!

Ha, love your levels. Very cute.

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I made a post about legalizing marijuana for medical purposes @canna-curate

Cool! Going to check it out now

Bought 101 Canna tokens the past couple days. Interested to see how your service does.

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