Quarantine Essentials...

in #cannabis2 years ago

Some Skywalker OG

I had ran out of cannabis a cpl days ago and it was ruff without it being home all day. Just got some more thank god. Some good weed and whiskey is mandatory for my quarantine.

Johnnie Walker 18 Year
Opened my bottle Saturday night was saving it for a special occasion but oh well.

What are you guys smoking and drinking tonight?

BTW I received my stimulus direct deposit today did you? Most people I spoke to got theirs also.


I've been on the 'Key Lime Pie' and some Bacardi Limon! I guess I'm on a citrus theme right now. lol!

Haven't tried Key Lime Pie yet, really liked the skywalker.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Oman the 18 yo looks mighty fine! I’ve never had great scotch before. I’ve had many great wines and beers, so I totally get the good booze scene. And let’s be real, once you open something like that, you just turned a regular moment into a lifelong memory! Cheers!

The 18 year old was nice my first time drinking it I liked it but for the price I rather get 2 Glenlivet 14 years, I had got the 18 year bottle as a gift.

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