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We all know that plants need CO2 for photosyntheis, with such molecule they construct all their tissues. Thus without CO2 plant growth stops. On the contrary with more CO2 their growth is faster, and yields are bigger.

So, maybe you like to have a garden like this…

Or a healthy salad garden inside a house or a greenhouse… it does not matter...

But surely you want to increase your yields.

Then give your plants more CO2...

So... obtain a CO2 generator...

See in this graphic how CO2 induces more plant growth

Maybe you´re thinking that a CO2 machine is very expensive, BUT you can construct a very cheap one.

So here is how to make a good CO2 generator:


  • Separation funnel from a laboratory glass store or internet.
  • Baking soda.
  • Glacial Acetic Acid (concentrated vinegar), from pharmacies or chemical stores.
  • A metal support, from same place you obtain the reactants.

Then mount something like this:


  1. Put 100 g of baking soda plus 70 mL of water into a container like a dish.
  2. Put 200 mL of acid into the funnel.
  3. Drip slowly the acid over the baking soda. You should set the funnel faucet to drip at one drop per five seconds, to do this you must play a bit, it is not too dificult.
  4. The materials of this generator can last you up to three days, if you set it at a very slow drip.

Inmediatly when the acid contacts with the soda, you may see an effervescence, indicating that acid and soda are reacting to produce CO2, like this:

And done. now you have lots, lots and lots of CO2 for your plants..

Enjoy your gardening!!!

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Gosh... that looks challenging. Me? I prefer the natural cycles and sunshine and plants that use the excess CO2 from our overburdened atmosphere.


You’re right, it’s preferable natural cycles, but under indoors environments, this can be a necesity, because CO2 diminishes quickly and plants stop growing. For many people indoors is the only option to grow plants, so for them this is a must.

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I dont believe that there is excess co2 in our atmosphere, the plants need it to grow and that is the reason additional co2 is pumped into hothouses to make the plants grow well!