The monster weed plant that was it's own worst enemy! A tale of love and woe.

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This beauty grew in my garden a few years back. I would love to claim I grew it but in actual fact, it grew itself! I first noticed it growing there in winter. I don't know how the seed got there but I have a fair idea that it was one of my buddies, although none of them owned up! The whole time it sat there looking weak and disheveled, not growing more than three or four inches and to be honest, I got tempted a few times to pull it and plant turnips in its place. Then spring came and it went into overdrive, it was like someone had poured a hot cup of coffee on Bruce Banner, turning him into this green monster! I didn't really feed it anything, the compost bin sat there the previous year so it was getting a good enough feed. I did have to tie it down though, it was getting taller than the fence, which really didn't matter, as you will soon see!


The buds were sticky and stank like top shelf nuggets. We were smoking alot of cheese and ak48 around that time so I think it was one of those strains. Either way, whatever strain it was, the bounty was plentiful and it smoked up a treat. Well, what I got of it, keep reading!


Now here is the sad part, about 3/4 of the buds were behind in maturing, I think that was because that part of the plant got a fair bit less of light than the rest of the plant, so after I harvested the stuff that was ready, I left the the remaining buds to mature. That very night, some wonderful person, full of pride and integrity, jumped my fence and ripped the remaining tree. I was a bit pissed of but really glad I harvested what I had. It wasn't like I wasn't expecting something like that to happen, I really thought it would have happened earlier. The plant couldn't have picked a worse spot to live, right next to a fence that high school students walked past everyday. You could smell it from a mile away and could probably spot it from the bus as it drove past if you looked hard enough. Such bad positioning, that was down to luck though so @BUDMAN shouldn't really kick himself. Oh well, such is life.

My buddy sent me a pic from google earth one day. "You can see that plant next to your house", we still get a good laugh about it now and then. As you can see from the aerial photo, the position fate had picked for that seed was a bad one! A lot of people walked past that fence everyday. The shops are there and the house was right in between two high school and kids walked past every day! @BUDMAN shouldn't complain, he got a fair bag of sweet nugs and the smoke was out of this world!
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Great read! Checked google streetview and didnt find last years grow. Google needs to step up their game, lol. Luckly, Australia doesn't have helicopters flying around looking for this kind of stuff. Its a waste of time if they did.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We have choppers flying over all the time. I don't know what they are doing up there. I do live close to a hospital with a helipad. I know there are choppers that fly around in a grid taking photos to see if people have built without permits. I always give them a wave when they fly over.

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It is forbidden for us. Isn't it?


For some, not for all. People are starting to wise up to why.

nice looking plants man