Strain of the day-What are you smoking?

in cannabis •  2 years ago 

@BUDMAN loves doing strain of the day, but sometimes he feels like he is gloating and rubbing it in. So this strain of the day is dedicated to whatever strain you have in your bowl!

Today, @BUDMAN is shooting down some stinky O.G kush and is feeling absolutely fine for doing so!
So what's in your bowl? Maybe some White widow?
Maybe you're heads feeling light from some Northern lights!
Or are you carrying some AK47!
Bubblegum anyone?
Cheesus lives!
No matter what strain you are smoking today, @BUDMAN hopes the grower has done it justice and has filled your life with joy! Thank you to the internet for these great bud pics!
Thanks for checking out "strain of the day". Until next time... To the budcave!

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just vaping shatter today


Nice one! Did you make it yourself?JOINT.png


nah i don't want to blow up my building


Hahaha fair enough. I make mine in the back garden. Much safer!

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You are a gem! Cheers


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I know you are a bot but this is a great idea!

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