Buyer Beware: 70% of CBD Oil on the Market is Crap

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Mold, sheetrock, bacteria, E.coli, and fecal matter have been found in cheap CBD oil...😲 🙄

Does it work? 🤷🏼‍♀️ BUT, who knows the damage it's doing in the meantime with all the extra added crap... 🤦🏼‍♀️

Pure CBD should only have 2 ingredients, sometimes 3 if it has flavor.🌱 💦

I’m here when you are ready to stop playing around. 😉✌🏼

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Hey Brutledge! Have you heard of weedcash, just use the weedcash tag, and your post will automatically go to the weedcash front end. Its a win win. You get more eyes on your post, and you earn a extra token on top of your steem.

Hey, I've just been hearing about it recently! I will change it up right now. Thank you for the heads up!👍

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I dont mess with it unless i trust the establishment or grower. big business is going to kill quality fast. but we will always have our craft beer and are artisianal nugs. home growers with quality will have their place in the future

Mmm beer🍻

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Stouts and ipas are here to stay. So are dank herbs like OG and Kush

I agree with stouts! Not an IPA fan myself. My absolute favorite is barleywine.

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Im actually trying to cut my carbs down so if im drinking alcohol, it is whiskey.

I was a huge ipa fan.. but they are just too heavy and filling for me now

Whiskey is good!

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Hey, now thats an awesome achievement! I have some catching up to do... for like the next five years lol

😆 Thank you. It won't take too long, just keep on keepin' on!

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amen, ill smoke a bowl to that!

lol!! at a gas station

I know, right?!🤢 don't fall for it!

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ive seen the kratom gas station signs but not cbd yet lol

I haven't seen Kratom in gas stations here in Virginia, but Sheetz has their own brand. CVS is even trying to compete in the industry.

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Amen to that!

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Very true its all over, Buyers beware if you want clean product buy it from a trusted licensed Farm! Do your research

Absolutely! Quality matters.💗

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