Been a few weeks since I've posted

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Been doing a lot of cleaning up and organizing in the shop, waiting for my electricity to hopefully be upgraded by the end of the month. In the last few weeks I haven't really been making all that much glass just because it's hard to be productive when I'm limited to one or two pieced per day.

I did however put the new kiln I just bought at the smoke shop I work at, so I have been trying to find a rhythm where I can halfway make the pieces at my shop and then finish them at the smoke shop where there is more kiln space. It's a little confusing but I'm making it work until my shop is fully operational.

This is one of my clear beaker bongs that I made this week, it features one of my bake on logos saying "Faction" down the neck, and it also has a small little logo on the joint. I've been liking the way these beakers are coming out, I can't wait to have a whole shelf of them including ones with wig wags and color sections.