Stretchin Seedlings in 2020

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Welcome to the Grow Blog

The seedlings are growing strong at about 2-3 weeks old now.

Starting things off is the Super Silver Haze x Dennis the Menace. It's growing nicely aside from the twisting action possibly due to lack of calcium, I'll be adding botanicare cal-mag to the water from now on I think.

It has a very broad leaf structure which has me wondering if it's an Indica dominant haze?

Toad Divide.png

Next up is the Brazilian Landrace Sativa. A little bit of a different type of wrinkle in the leaf, I'm not entirely sure what the issue is, maybe excess water? I've seen this a few times before in seedlings and its very likely to grow out of it shortly. Let me know in the comments if you know what's happening here.

I love the very distinctive Sativa styled narrow leaves this is producing.

Toad Divide.png

This is the vigorous one of the bunch, first to pop Astro Beaver. It's very tall and growing faster than the rest by a long shot. Some would say this is indication of a male. We shall see, I would not mind getting some Astro Beaver seeds that is for certain.

Very healthy leaf structure going on here aside from a very small wrinkle on the first true leaf set. Very healthy and no concerns at all.

Toad Divide.png

Here is the second Astro Beaver much shorter than the last one but looking very healthy despite the size difference. This strain was most definitely one of my favorite if not my top favorite strain. Lemon and watermelon mix is like a fruit salad in the vaporizer.

No complaints on how shes growing here, leaf structure is healthy and node spacing is tight. No concerns at all.

As you may remember I also started some CBD Critical Mass. Only one seed popped and it was stunted. Unlikely to make it so I will no longer be including those in the post's.

Toad Divide.png

That's all for this post. Take care yall!



Looking good man, healthy, interesting strains too - i've had the SSH, but not Denis the Menace, AB, or the Brazin landrace. The landrace definitely has that sativa look to it. Looking forward to seeing the progress :D

Thanks, I hope to do weekly updates or so.Stay tuned. =)

I am having the same issue. I am thinking it is a calcium and magnesem issue, or maybe the light is to close, and im hoping to god it is not lock out. For a seedling having a problem this early, I would put my money on maybe the led you have is a tad to powerful at the height you have it at. I think i am going to raise my light higer again and see if it helps my problem as well.

I moved my light up a bit too. It is looking bit better already too

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