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RE: "Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome" (CHS) is actually Azadirachtin (neem) poisoning!

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Man I just harvested two plants last week and I had been using neem oil on them to help control fruit flies. Very glad to have read this now. I guess I will be finding something else to use from now on. Awesome article man.


Use nicotine tea. Easy and simple.

Nicotine tea huh, that's a new one to me. I'll have to do some homework now.

A bag of just the filters... No tobacco or paper. Make a cloth bag filled with the filters.
Soak in warm water for a day.

Squeeze bag as best you can.

The nicotine tea can be concentrated by boiling it Down. And storing.

Be very careful it's highly toxic.

Directions for use? Read up but I put a good splurge into the mixing bottle of water.

Kills anything buggy in the garden.
No known threats from Cannabis.
Try not to use directly on flowers at later stages of life. The water can still help mildew and molds.
Spray stalks and leaves.
You can use a magnifying glass to see the death.

Great for a soil drench for fungus gnats and anything in the soil you don't want. Won't harm the living soil.

Wow thank you man, I will definitely be trying this out on my next run. Very good info and easy to understand.

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