Wake & Bake Coffee Co. Awesome Bong Mug

in cannabis •  10 months ago

wake nd bake coffee cup.png

The best part of waking up is a cup of hot java & medicating with a session! Set your clock back 10 minutes, all in the name if a fine roast & a smoke to start your day! Wake and Bake with this awesome all in one coffee cup.

I found this and figured it was worth a share here on steemit. This wake and bake mug from coffee co. only costs $19.95.

Here is the link if you would like to visit the site or order https://www.inkedshop.com/products/wake-bake-coffee-co-mug-green

I will follow up with a review as soon as mine has arrived, that's right I ordered one on impulse. :-)

Thanks for stopping by as always I am looking forward to comments


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I want one!!!!!!!!


Hahahaha its such a great idea, just works!!!!


Anytime :-)