Trick Question? Here is my long and short. Follow me if ya can...

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Critical Mass = Afghani #1 x Skunk # 1

Afghani #1 = pure indica land race "since the beginning of time kinda stuff found in tombs of pharaohs yadda yadda" No Shit! a true building block/cornerstone strain. the nicest bud from a Afghan farmers field. smell taste buzz yield and hardiness. Selectively bread by nature for thousands of years then brought home and refined. No known parents. So sad with no mom and dad, but this one turned out alright. 😁

Skunk #1 = Afghani "Afghani landrace" x Acapulco Gold "mexican landrace" x
Columbian Gold "Columbian landrace". Hybridized 65/35 Indica/Sativa bringing home the best seeds from the Mexican and Columbian, farmer in the 70's then breeding with the nicest Afghan daughter😘. Oh beehave!.
Much like the Indicas to the pharaohs, these Sativas were Found in the tombs of Mayan royalty. They were also selectively bred by nature for generations. Another building block/Cornerstone strain.

All of the above genetics are sourced from the best most consistent indica/Sativa landrace strains. Originating from the worlds best and longest known Natural Cannabis "sweet spots" .
Critical Mass is capable of producing a huge range of the absolute best medicine. Think of it... you have the potential range of the absolute best original landrace strains from all over the globe combined.

Heres the catch....
I have personally experienced huge variations in the plant and flower. Even under completely controlled environments.
That's the downside of growing from seed. Also why you always clone a "GEM" to keep it. There is absolutely no other way to guarantee you pass on the exact same qualities...

Let me explain...

Two things influence the formation of any given cannabis plant: genetics and environment. genotype. this contains the plant’s genetic makeup, a organisms full hereditary information and acts as a blueprint for growth: it allows for a spectrum of physical possibilities, but it is up to the environment to induce these characteristics.
phenotype, is a organisms actual observed properties. Which are the traits that the environment pulls out from the plant’s genetic code. Everything from color, shape, size, smell, flavor and resin production are affected by the environment.



Think of yourself for instance, however careful your parents may have been, or... not been, in my case lol. "Most" Parents themselves naturally kinda selectively bred you, based off their own personal preferences...or uh...hopefully that's how it went.
Geez the birds and the bees are hard to explain...🙄
No matter how hard your parents try. They cant determine exactly how you will turn out. That's unknown to everyone Including yourself.
You may or may not carry traits from them or another ancestor. Part of Your unique characteristics maybe from your great grandfather or even Ghangus Khan. Then combine the environment in which you were raised etc, etc...All of the above will have have a huge affect on how you turn out....
Plants are equally as complex if ya know what I'm saying....bla, bla weed Bill

If ya can do the math for the above scenario. Of which most of the numbers would be undefined and variable. In order to find the odds of breeding a exact replica.
The possible outcomes are frickin HUGE!

Off track...

For all u super geeks and aspiring mathmaticians out there try the next one...
nah nvm lol that would almost look almost like solving the next block on Bitcoins ledger. Except the end result locked inside that seed would be virtually unsolvable. Thats right. I say fuck your quantum computer BS. take a hike back to reality, you ain't solving shit....Why don't you ask the quantum computer how to solve word hunger fucking jack offs...Get the fuck outta here!
Hey quantum computer, make me a sandwich, eye roll sorry too "difficult" for ya is it. Guess I'll have my domestic worker handle that.🤔

Or how about...

Proof of seedchain? Lol there ya go another Idea for someones new Shit Token.
Imagine the volume in the 10's of dollars. Yall will be millionaires or even tokinaires. Only If the Koreans/Chinese buy, then bitfinex, binance and all the teather, ST, Ta Tas pump it. Dont forget These people know quality! And are honest. Trust them Lool!Ha!Ha! 😁 like I been telling everyone all along, but cha dont listen. So it goes most of you are just as much to blame.

There's another one for yall dorks. Tokin-aires get it? It works both ways, Genius!
Trust me, or just have a quick look around the crypto scam space. Where not everything is a scam just the 99%.


Tokin-aires this is a huge idea with actual "use case" and "utility". Imagine that unique tiny cannabis Seed tracked on the seedchain. That seed will have guaranteed undetermined future value. Seeds are tracked by our immutable decentralized ledger. We are Promising to "Link" all cannabis oracles with our unique cutting edge tech using organized decentralized oracle solutions by 2020.
Point your smartphone scan your unique seed walla it's on the Seedchain. As for Future value, Only you can decide! proof of work with seed, harvest is then exchanged for value or "Tokins". "Tokins" are then recorded and exchanged for something else entirely "value". Or stake them on the revolutionary Tokin-aires platform and help secure and grow the seedchain. Where we track and exchange value together🦄❤ .
Mcafee will be working on the white paper from a undisclosed location immediately.. .silly shit

On with my point...

Many consider themselves "professional growers" or "grow masters" or "breeders" etc Expecially now a days...seems everyone qualifys as a pro for just about anything. With 1 or 2 minor runs under their belt plus countless hours of watching others do "it" their first time on youtube etc. Your now considered a expert in anything. Go forth and teach everyone else.

To them...

Critical Mass = Afghani * Skunk

That's ANY Afghani "aka king landrace" Geno/pheno ANY Skunk geno/pheno which is a hybrid derived from 3 landrace crosses. however "stabilized" by some old school long time growers. Like Sensi etc.
Pick a geno/pheno....ex. Afghani number whatev x Skunk #6 equals A huge fucking range.

When ya find a "GEM" Call it what u like...

girl guide cookies, gorilla glue, g13, goo, donkey dick, wankydank, nick nack paddy wack, whatev the fuck you feel like really.

In reality your gonna have a hundreds if not thousands of suttle to large differences between seeds on the same parent. Breeder to breeder, grower to grower, plant to plant, environment to environment. Etc, etc...
The range of qualities that come through in this cross is Massive.

Heres the thing...

If you cared for the plant well and got her close to full potential....You did your job. Thus you definitely got the best out of her.
I've heard ranges of 4% thc to 28% and cbd 0% to 20%. It just happens that seed you sprouted and grew has unique properties. This Doesn't mean it has to work for you.
If unfortunately the quality or quantity is not what you desired. Fortunately u can just toss the plant aside, grow another seed and hope for the best.

I digress...

Opinions lie within the individual. Where do your beliefs and values lie. Do you need a machine or someone else to tell you how you should feel or think? once you consume, do you ask "Is this how I'm supposed to feel? That's not what so and so, said"?...If so I would suggest go mow your lawn, bag it up green...cause ya wanna keep it green for god sakes. Then print pretty labels recording your desired grade and effects. Place the pretty label on a fancy container of your choice and enjoy the placebo you have just created for yourself with your own green lawn clippings.
Honestly it would be much easier work...

Here is another analogy...

The kid who was sold a bag of pencil shavings, then smoked all of it at lunch break by themself. Kid came back to class telling everyone "I'm sooo fucking baked bros". Only until they found out why everyone is laughing. Including the kid walking out with his pockets full. Gangsta.😎

Bottom line...

These "FTIR spectroscopy tests" or simple portable "potency tests" are pretty basic. concentration vs material based off assumed measured values. With no consideration to the actual thc concentrations contents benefits and effects. Therefore perceived value. Based off past assumed measured value.
Test results are only as good as the machines and people which perform them. What is the machine actually used for? How does it determine results? How well was the machine programmed? Who programmed it? was it updated? Who cared for and used it? Who controls and calibrates the machine?...etc. etc etc. Get my point, at least a little? If not...
You also have to wonder Why some cannabis labelled 25% plus thc is complete bunk! Garbage! When "lower concentration" knocks your socks of, then locks you to your couch.?

Some thoughts...

considering we still all know very little about this ancient plant even with all the cutting edge new scientific advances. The unique properties and components of Cannabis and how exactly they interact with individuals consuming is vastly undiscovered and still a mistery....
I certainly question any spectroscopy results. very vague with poor accuracy and little reliability. Nug to nug bag to bag grow to grow. values will "ALL" be different. Bottom line this technique is not a primary method, standard samples are needed with known concentrations determined by other techniques, such as GC or HPLC.
Testing for pesticides with SAGE analytics is completely out of the question or Lie 100% writes 0 for just about everything. Wonder why? Could the original cleared subjects of basis already have been exposed?

When Testing "Potentency" This is a case of to each their own....And will be for a long time to come.
It takes a looong time to really "know your weed"

Here are Some tips for Discovering potency for yourself ...

Look close with a loop, smell it well, crumble it for texture, pinch for resin, taste it, smoke it, then give it a grade...without talking to the person beside you. Lol.
Did it do the trick? How do you feel? Any relief? Or think its crap? Record your results for reference. Results will vary sometimes significantly day to day. Expecially person to person.

If running it through a machine to find out basic assumed values, makes peeps feel better or makes them think one is better than the other. They are gravely mistaken and should go back to the basics. Sorry hugz. Love you all.

On one hand I guess spending $25k on one dem fancy lil thangs, could prevent someone who doesn't know what they are looking for from getting ripped. Assuming the test is correct! And you receive the right bag. Etc... Etc..
On the other hand probably not much use to anyone...
Slowly we figure this all out one day.
I'm the mean time good luck out there.

Billmega 😉✌


Funny. Google search my plant pic from above...Short leaf black spruce...Bang on Google. Bravo! round of applause everyone please. lofl

Thanks for the great post, been missin you around these parts...

Cryin up in here, Nick nack paddy wack no doubt, now there's huge uproar on politically incorrect fucking names of strains! Here in Oregon dispensaries have to remove the name "girlscout" because it's offensive? (No, the amount of chemical agenda additives in those cookies are offensive.)

I've got the puurfect new play on Tokin.... literally to "take a toke" coin so maybe it's called Tokensmoke Coin or Token as in bake out another shit coin. Tokes per stake ? Tokes for tots, Tokes n jokes, tokes for uptight folks, tokes per minute, tokes per day, tokes per year, delegate tokes.. Track those tokes folks!

😂🤣😂🤣 Tokins will take over the world. Thanks for joining the Tokin army. And yes all your ideas for expanding the Tokinaire platform are absolutely excellent.!
Once we complete the mooning clone army No community will survive!. Our unstoppable Tokin clones will swollow all the "others". One tribe at a time.
Our quest for complete global domination will not be halted. Muahhahahaha, Muahhahahaha


Tokin clones will be just like the baby Ewok pictured above. Their resistance will be futile!😁

You getting good at cloning!
I think that is a replicator Clone kitty of my Cat Sir Obie1Kanobie Kitty! LOL!

Fuzzy Funny Bunnies For ALL tis da season happy Caturday...

Good tutorial ;)




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