Baller gone wild! Nice one mate! Not sure what the haynay is going on up in this platform, things seem to be imploding... put your name into the search area says Nothing found... since this softfork b.s. seems like all havoc been happening, glad to see your keeping it real with the blaze train!

Not to be harsh Steemians. But. I told them all, over and over and over I could have made a song. I even said pay me and I will tell you what to correct beforw this shit happens.!!!!Months in advance!!!!! So...I Gave them all aheads up, No one listened...
Like nows time to check yourselves [email protected]@@
Over and over, but they are either toooo fucking stupid or just drunk on themselves either way fucking @FAIL. So what did everyone expect....
Fortunately I do have a SOLUTION! they can all tap keys. ASK ME HOW! Or kick rocks .💯

Except I dont just make songs! 😁👊

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