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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
Please, Won't you be my my Neighbor.
Hello Neighbor😀

If you seen my last post. First plant pic. this is the same Critical Chunk 22 days later...
The Sun has been shining super Heat wave!. But no rain🤨. So more work. Also the bugs are hyper fierce...
But Holy Cow! Rx-plosive growth.

Drum roll please...
Behold the Ontario monster.😉

This Lady is Fricken UGE! Love BBW?
Check her out!
31 feet in circumference and counting. Notice she is almost twice as wide as her peak height of 5.7ft. Imagine. 😅 There is around 7 weeks to go.
Settle down Big Bertha...Nah keep Growing!

Will I beat my record plant 4.5 p bud dry?....
Looks like it as of now. Certainly Looking for a strong finish.

Uhhh. the steaks ended up a little close together. Gonna need more.😁

And here is The Big Berthas "little Sista"
Round Rhonda.
A mere 25 ft circumference. But beats big sis in height at a little over 6ft.

I dunno about you but Im cheering them both on!

And the boys are taking a break from the sun, Thanks for the help guys. Keep up the good work. Lol.

I hope all you Cannabis and Nature lovers enjoyed my content.

Shout out to growers everywhere!
Keep growing and Steem on everyone!

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