LeafyThings launch party with Tommy Chong!🌱

in #cannabis2 years ago

Got my invite, Sooo...
I'm going to Kingston tomorrow!

This is the Perfect time for me to release
Billy Wonka's Full Spectrum Edibles
Nation Wide....

Over 60 dispensary owners and licensed producers are confirmed... Who's who of the what what's, Gonna be there.




These gummies come in 5 different Doses.
25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 175mg, 350mg
2 gummies per package.

The ones shown are peach 🍑
each of those are 175mg Full Spectrum Dose

Feedback has said these Edibles help
Anxiety, Nervousness, Sleep, Appetite and of course pain.

I will write a more in depth post when I have a little more time.

Thanks for checking out my post, reach out to me in the comments below.

Keep Steemin 😀👍


Great for you man! That's huge. To bad I am way down here in California, I would love to try some of your edibles.

Thanks John!. Things are looking really good here.
I am fortunate for this opportunity. Sometimes good things just happen.
Wish I could send ya some Billy Wonka's, my man. Would love your feedback and review. I'm working on it. Tty

Loving the look of those! Nice touch with the weed leaf. I think people will like to show them off more on IG and other places to their friends. Congrats, and best of luck to your endeavor.

Thanks for the support everyone @Cannacurate. One of these days I'll hook you all up with a weekly giveaway. Give some Love back to the blockchain weed peeps

damn! Congrats and good on you
you're gonna have so much fun

What up @battleaxe. Show starts in a hour. Im on point. Should be a blast. 🚀

Nice man, thays great news. What are the ingredients of all your stuff?

Thanks G. Some secrets have to stay in the Billy Wonka's Mansion😉. Check the next post for more details.

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