Cannabis May Pose a 'Long-Term Risk' to the Alcohol Industry

Last year, Americans drank 3.345 billion cases of alcohol, a 0.8% decline from 2017. That worked out to about 7.9 billion gallons of booze, roughly 160 million bathtubs full.

Here we have a story about how Cannabis may pose a "risk" to the alcohol industry. The alcohol industry sees making less money as being a risk, but it happens to regular people all the time, and guess what? They are still alive. The alcohol industry is always going to be a strong one, even if they lose a little business because some people choose cannabis instead.

A lot of people, like myself, enjoy both. A beer always tastes pretty good, but it tastes fucking awesome if you're high. I buy that fancy-ass craft beer that is also posing a "risk" to alcohol industry, or the biggest players in it, anyway. I tend to go for smaller breweries whenever possible.

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