Here's Why Critics Call Joe Biden an 'Anti-Marijuana Zealot'

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Howdy again from Sir Bigriffs McBongrips!

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Joe Biden couldn't be more clueless if he tried. He's basically just Hillary Clinton in dude form. She might as well run again and give us a real shit show!

Wait, no.

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Here's Why Critics Call Joe Biden an 'Anti-Marijuana Zealot'

Former Vice President Joe Biden is officially running to be the 46th president of the United States. Some see Biden as t...

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@camillesteemer eats rat shit out of the trash bin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Screenshot 20190430 06.12.22.png

so do these fucking circle-jerking loser alter egos of @camillesteemer, the steeeeeming pile of shit.

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