Growing Cannabis 101: Part 1

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  • 1. starting from seed.
  • 1.1 germination
  • For my germination process i use the papertowl method which you can find a video of at:

![]() i get +90% successrate using the paper towl method for germination.

  • 1.2 plating the germinated seed
  • we always want to plant root down to maximize our successrate. you gonna wanna punch a hole in the dirt with a pencil of about half a centimeter to insert the germinated seed and cover it. note: i like to use cutting soil as a growing medium which has given me the most success in germinating. i have had bad results using other kinds of soils.. if your starting soil has too much nutrients your seedlings will burn.

  • 2. Seedling
  • 2.1 the first light
  • during de vegetative process you gonna want to give atleast 16hours of light a day. if you give less then 15 hours of light a day or close to 12 hours of light a day your seedling will probably stress out and die. i like to keep my newborns close under a 1600w LED light. so they tend to grow wider from the start instead of stretching out seeking for light. here is the LED light i've been using for quite a while:

    enough light:

    not enough light:

  • 2.2 First stage of vegetative state
  • i do not recommend giving your seedlings any supplements or nutrients, excess of nutrients will burn your seeling. example of a burned seedling:

    you can also place your new seedlings inside of a greenhouse if the days are longer then 14 hours:

    i usually do not give any nutrients until the first deficiency symptom starts showing up, here's a chart to recognize deficiencies:

    we want to start topping immediately after the plant has grown 3 nodes high, but i will leave this topic for the next part in this "guide".

    in the next parts of this guide i will discuss topping(soft pinching), low-stress training, cloning, lolipopping, diseases, pests, prevention, flowering, harvesting, trimming, drying, curing, cbd-oil, hash(cold extraction), cannabutter, smoking and eating pizza

    i will most likely rewrite this part of the guide later, add more information, correct spelling, rephrase sentences, etc.. i will repost a revised version when editing this blog is no longer possible.


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    Dope guide man! Thanks alot :) 🍁🍁

    wonderful , i like it, @bilalhaider vote up and follow me maybe

    I love the chart! This would be very helpful to new growers.

    I have seen where some people who grow outdoors use a pair of pantyhose stretched over the plant during its youth, and this is very effective at preventing insects from pollenating it. It also does a nice job of hiding it. No that I would know anything about that. : / But it sure doesn't reduce the smell. That's how we finally found it. by the smell.

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