Oh Ontario....why do you let idiots control you?

in cannabis •  2 years ago 

So for those that have been paying attention to Canada and its supposed move towards "legalization" of weed...LOL....Ford has lasted 24 hours before flip flopping on his view that private people should be allowed into the weed market. Now only the beer/liquor stores can sell it. This will be great for alcoholics who are using weed as a substitute.


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Following you!

And keep the medicine in the hands of patients! Fight for medical rights!

And yeah the money gets involved and they see tax. It's a plant. Grow it.

Its amazing how many layers to an onion there really are....lol. Its hard to know whats going on and then to see whats going on....they cannot stop trying to hurt us.

Make waves! Get it! Get involved. And grow more than they can.