SNOWBOARDING FOR STEEM: #15 - Big Jumps and CANNABIS - The performance enhancing properties of Cannabis

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In this video I try my hand on the largest jumps I have attempted this season. After I meet up with some friends to ride somewhat fresh powder. During the day I start to contemplate the topic of Cannabis, specifically the use of the wonderful herb in physical activities.
For me cannabis is a substance of awareness. It brings me present into my body. Makes me more aware of where my body is in space. What my balance mechanics are doing. Mixed with snowboarding it is a match made in heaven. I am curious to all you cannabis users out there what your relationship is with the medicine and whatever physical activities you participate in? Does it enhance your activity or inhibit?

I hope you enjoy this video, please comment and let me know what you think!

Thats it for today you guys! Stay tuned for more adventures and interesting conversations. Please comment and let me know what you think about the video and the topic of Cannabis and physical activity.



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I could not agree with you more! Cannabis makes me feel so in tune with my body!
+1 follower and resteemed!

The perfect mixture. . .allegedly :) more fun content coming soon! Thanks for the comment.


enjoying the snow

Me too @teenovision much more content from the snow to come soon! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

download Lightroom (free 30 day trial) if you dont have it already! you can download the official VSCO filters and give your photos some dope looks ;)

shweet! Thanks for the heads up! I have lightroom but I usually just take screenshots from the video, but the luts don't translate well to low-res screenshots.

I can't say for sure, it's just my opinion but
i think one uses more percentage of his/her brains when on cannabis.

I would totally agree! at the least it helps you use different parts of your brain that you may not usually use. Such a wonderful tool if used properly. thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Wow! That's a great experience enjoy life while we're still alive...

live life to the fullest @manzon while we still can! Thanks for stopping by.

good post thanks for sharing...

Hey thank you! @afrinsultana I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Much more content on its way!

Woowww thats so amzing nice post.

Thank you @suararakyat I appreciate the feedback. It means a lot that people are responding well to my content. What a gift steemit is that I get to share content I am passionate about and be able to connect with the community.

Okey thaks for your attention and information.
Please support and follw me back 🙏

This post is beautiful like the rest bro.. cant wait to read your contemt on Cannabis! Keep being free

Thanks man! more content on cannabis to come!

Whaat! I would rolling after smoking one and going out like this .. lol

haha I'm experienced in these regards @ganjarecords

Get high while being high! Good stuff man!

haha no kidding! doesn't take much while you are at altitude. thanks for stopping by! More to come!

Nice post! Cannabis definitely helps me get in that "zone" when snowboarding. Unfortunately our local mountain here in Cali is closed due to lack of snow this year!

Bummer to hear about the closed mountain. We are border line closed here in Utah. Pretty sad how little snow we have here. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. A lot more good content on it's way!

Hey thank you @zaim4d1 keep posted I've got a lot more coming!

Love the snow you have! Awesome! Following!

I appreciate the following @ ganjafarmer I like what you got going on with your blog as well. also following :)

Of course! And cannabis helps every thing I do in life! Besides helping medical patients it helps athletes.

My gym has after-work out blaze sessions!

oh likewise. after an intense workout when your body is completely drained nothing like getting stoney baloney to enjoy the physical relaxation.

Very cool. I wanna try it

you absolutely should try it! Such a wonderful sensation to slide across snow! Cheers, thanks for leaving a comment!

Kudos to you. I'd just be giggling at the snow, but this is an interesting concept! Thanks for sharing :)

Haha thank you @kortney I am a season veteran. I know a lot of sports leagues don't even test for cannabis because they know the players all get a buzz on before they play. The NBA and Brazilian jiujitsu communities seem to be the biggest users.

Thank you for watching and leaving a comment!

Absolutely @muhammadikhsan14 I appreciate the feed back and the commet! More content coming soon!


back in the days when I used to get blazed and ride... holy smokes. SO in the zone. for real - whole other level.

smoked too much in previous years, so can't push myself to those same amounts now, only really microdosing - so can't achieve the same states now. every once and a while, I toke a little on the mountain, though still can't compare to those glory days... ahhhhh. lol. :-)

Ah the glory days!!! Yeah I'm the same, it may sound cliche but weed is WAY to strong these days. I prefer to just get a nice little buzz on. It makes me appreciate the mountains more and enjoy my body more. So in the zone.

Thanks for watching and leaving a comment!

Great video and pics, bad ass actually!

that means a lot @pittsburghhodlr I'm so stoked I have a place to share my passions and have people receive it so well. Keep posted for some more baddassery. Oh and keep on HODLing!

great video love the title you got my sub keep up the good work 👏😎

Hello @kgakakillerg nice to meet u dont forget to support and follow me back @suararakyat.
Best regards from me to you

Much appreciated @kgakakillerg I'm glad the title got people's attention. Thanks for watching and commenting. Tons more content on it's way!

Hooray !!! Between courage, skill has spawned a fairly useful and so beautiful post.

Thank you for the feedback @faisalrizal2018

I went learn the dtube account pls help me

If you would like to learn I would recommend checking out @joeparys he has some great dtube and steemit tutorials. He is far more articulate than I am on such matters. Best of luck!

Haha love the gif! Thanks for leaving that here.

Its awesome being medicated while snow boarding. Probably the most fun you'll have ever!

Seriously! not much can beet the feeling. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Good one... Looking forward for more adventures

Much appreciated @akinboyewa a lot more to come!

That both together is just AWESOME. The weed tastes soo good in the mountains. And riding the powder is like flying <3 <3


two of my favorite things mixed together. Soooo good. Thanks for watching and commenting @baluuk

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Thays good sharing

wow keren 👍

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I can't say for sure, it's just my opinion but
i think one uses more percentage of his/her brains when on cannabis.

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