Cali Flowers-"Edible-Rocky Roads Brownies" — Steemit

Cali Flowers-"Edible-Rocky Roads Brownies"

in cannabis •  2 years ago

Treated myself to a very potent brownie. I shared it with a friend....I would say half was enough. It tasted great, you can taste the flower in a pleasant way. Took about 30 min to kick-in.

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It was 200 MG of THC. I ate half so I had about 100 MG. From 1 to 10....I would say 9 because I was able to still walk.


please i want that brownie!!!AAAAA....

Hey buddy did you make this yourself or buy it somewhere? I've been really wanting to get out to Denver

Yum, I've been making my own. With all the sun out here in Hawaii, there's lots of ingredients available. Hee hee.

nice! :)

Is that.... milk? If it is great combo! Cheers!


Yes it is, thank you. Cheers.

WOW...this food :))

I WANT TO MAKE THESE!!!! Thank you for the post!

Slept good i hope


Funny you say that...I only slept 6 hours, felt like 10. 😅

Looks like it was on the (Steemit) house for you!


It was on the house, but not steemit.


They just droped $80 on this post! I hope that covers it!

Normally those kind of brownies look nasty, but this think looks delicious!


It did, I was surprised.

This one looks to be pretty popular @armen LOL
I need it!

How I wish it didn't have any eggs.

Pic looks amazing though.

Glad it tastes alright? :)

OMG You know how to eat brawnies! ;)

Looks interesting

looks awesome !