Stop Gout Attacks with Cannabis, My Personal Experience

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I have the worst Gout of anyone I've ever met. Gout is a genetic disorder you inherent from your father. For a more detailed explanation of Gout visit this link: ( Essentially what happens is that people who have Gout have this disorder where they cannot process Purines. Info about Purines:

What happens is that uric acid gets put into the bloodstream by the kidneys, where is collects usually in the foot (big toe), a knee or even the arm. Then the uric acid turns into crystals (painful) and then the immune system attacks it (very painful). So you are crippled and in extreme pain. I remember my first attack was in my big toe in 2005 at the age of 34. I remember crying in the waiting room. .. one of the top 3 pains I've ever experienced.

Even after learning what foods I could not eat the attacks kept getting more frequent forcing me to try drugs like Allopurinol. More info here: ( The side affects are almost as bad as the cure. For example, while taking Allopurinol I became unable to have sex, one of it's side affects. That was when I gave up on Allopurinol... it did help with the gout but I can't live without intimacy, could you?

Over the years the attacks became more severe and more frequent and I found that all the anti-gout drugs have terrible and sometimes side affects. Some you have to check your liver every week to make sure your not damaging it. No thank you. I was pretty desperate by 2012. That was when a friend offered to let me try Cannabis for the pain. I was so tired of Opiate pain killers so I said "what the hell" and smoked 6 bowls of White Widow.

Something they never tell you is that the first time you smoke Cannabis you feel nothing. This is because the THC has to build up in your brain. Well, that sixth bowl did the trick and I had a pretty good time. My gout still hurt but I was able to ignore the pain. The next morning I woke up feeling clear headed and the gout was going away for some reason. I remember feeling regret... regret that I had never tried cannabis before. If you haven't tried it and it's legal where you are, I suggest trying it and see how you feel. You will be fine.

I talked to my wonderful wife about using Cannabis... she said fine but only if I get a license. Being in New Mexico I set an appointment with a wonderful "weed" doctor and was told that not only would cannabis help with the pain BUT THAT IF I USED IT EVERYDAY MY GOUT WOULD GO AWAY?!? I was skeptical since I had tried everything from drugs to natural treatments like black cherry pills. What do i have to lose right?

Well, a month later after smoking weed every night before bed I stopped having Gout attacks. Fast forward 4 years and I've only had two minor Gout attacks in 4 years... compare that to the 2-3 attacks I would suffer every month... including visits to the ER for pain shots. I can even eat many of the things I couldn't even look at before without feeling that Gout twinge. I have my control back and it is priceless!

So if you have Gout or know someone suffering from it please pass on this information so they can take back control of their lives. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I hope this information helps. :)

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